New year. New you. New skills.

Let’s make 2023 the year your fashion dreams come true.

Allizah C says: “My experience at PFI prepared me and fulfilled my education needs in order to be successful in the fashion industry. Because of PFI I am able to successfully make my dreams of working in this industry a reality. My highlight was being able to bring my sketch designs to life in a physical garment.”

Nothing makes us happier than when we live up to our motto:
Changing people’s lives. Making fashion dreams come true.

Let’s make 2023 the year your fashion dreams come true, whatever they may be. We have nearly 50 classes coming up. Maybe one or two are the right ones for you. Click the class links below for details.

Sewing Classes

with Lynn, Mary Iris, Rianna and Suzi

Love it? Don’t throw it away. Learn to use a machine and fix it.

Beginning Sewing
Apparel Construction
Industrial Machine Sewing

Couture & Clothing Classes

with Britta and Elle
Make it by hand. Make it by machine. Make it wonderful.

Classic Shirts: the right details for women and men
Couture Techniques
Couture Dress
Corsets & Bustiers

Left: Kamyar in Favorite Son shirt by Erich. Right: Kayla in corset & petticoat by Kyra.

Specialty Classes

with Lisa Silveira
Recycle. Renew. Reuse. Learn something fun.

Embellished Knits
Splendid Mending
Machine Knitting

Patternmaking Classes

with Anne, Britta, Josh and Adri

Knits & Stretch
Grading & Marking
Optitex 2D patternmaking
Browzwear 3D patternmaking
Advanced Pattern

Left: Marisol in AMC Clothing by Ana.

Design Classes

with Kel, Jena, Nancy and Rianna
Express your ideas.  Show the world.  And make your own fabric prints.
Fashion Illustration
Adobe Illustrator
Flats & Techs
Graphic Design
Computer Print Design

Right:  Sarah Donofrio designs.


You can bring life to your ideas & tell your story.

Share your ideas the way it’s done in the industry: visually. From fashion illustration to a winning portfolio, show your designs so the world can see them.
Image: Phil Padilla, Digital Illustration

Fashion Illustration
Mondays, 10 am-1 pm
Sept 12-Nov 28
All the way from London, England, Kel Jackson magically will turn you into a fashion designer. Start with a pencil and piece of paper. Decide upon the look of a garment and make it move.
Need a kit with all the right tools? Click here
Image: PFI senior Kyle Woods

Adobe Illustrator for Fashion
Wednesdays,2-5 pm
Sept 14-Nov 30
Stop trying to learn it though YouTube and get the short cuts and inside tricks from Rianna Aguirre, designer for Thread Theory and many others.
Still nervous? Try this starter class:

Adobe Prep
Weds & Thurs, 2-5 pm
Sept 7 & 8
Image: Jevon Ruis

Flats & Technical Packages
Mondays, 6-9 pm
Sept 12-Nov 28
Expand your Adobe know-how into the very skills that will get you a job with Nancy Simon who creates specs and techs for a living.
Don’t forget PFI students get the Adobe student discount.
Image: PFI senior Meghan Lee

Color Theory
Mondays, 6-9 pm
Oct 24-Nov 28
Let Kimmy Schenter, head of color innovation for Under Armour, help you choose color that intrigues, excites and motivates.
Color kit included in class.

Graphic Design
Tuesdays, 6-9 pm
Sept 13-Oct 18
As the product strategy director for PineCrest, Jena Nesbitt knows how to turn simple lines and shapes into a creative pattern that tells a story.

Computer Print Design
Tuesdays, 6-9 pm
Oct 25-Nov 29
Use what you learned in Graphic Design to become a print designer — then print your own fabric by the end of this class.
During this class, you will print your own design on fabric that you can cut, sew then wear.
Image: PFI grad Jessy Burris, Candy Lagoon

Digital Illustration
Saturday, 10 am-4 pm
Oct 29
Design on the go with an iPad, stylus and guidance from Phil Padilla, senior men’s apparel color designer for Nike.
Download the program on your iPad or borrow one from PFI
Image: Phil Padilla

Thursdays, 6-9 pm
Sept 15-Dec 8
Put your story together and show why you are the best candidate for a job, a promotion and your future — with Nike’s Dana Eberlein.
Present your skills to a panel of managers from Nike.
Image: PFI grad Charlie Ryan, Chuck’s Lab

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Find your success in apparel business.