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Anne Swanson, Patternmaking class

Anne is a very well-organized instructor.  She has probably taught this class many times before, my guess, because everything is timed out very well per session.  she simplifies the process and adds many helpful tips and tricks along the way. I had a lot of aha moments when taking this class because I’ve struggled with pattern making and fitting for many years.  I all but stopped sewing simply because I was so tired of sewing things that didn’t fit well and feeling like a failure.  I felt really stuck, and the idea of trying to watch a bunch of YouTube videos to pick up skills that I had never been taught was very daunting.  I became resigned to creating clothing by copying existing garments that I knew fit well, but I still wasn’t learning core pattern making skills as I did in this class.  One thing I really like at PFI is the structure and the group class setting, which sometimes I really need.  I have done a lot of creating on my own but it is refreshing to be in an environment with other individuals interested in making clothes and designing.

While taking this class with Anne, I realized how important and valuable it is to have someone technical like Anne with the pattern making knowledge right there to teach you in person. I was not disappointed in the class at all and I felt like I got a good valuable education for my money.  I never learned how to create patterns from scratch so this class was the first time that I’ve ever done this.

The class was geared towards people that are taking it for credit as well as people who are not taking it for credit.  I have chosen this fall and spring to take the pattern making classes as non credit.  However, in the future I may have my artifacts graded for credit, and I really appreciate that option being available.
One thing that impressed me about the conduct of the class is that I felt the instructor Anne was assisting all students whether they were taking the class for credit or not.  I felt like as long as you are a person who really wants to learn the material she will go the extra mile to help you learn and she seems to care about passing on her knowledge and this is what makes Anne a great teacher.

Carrie wears the shirt dress she drafted from her woven torso sloper (Pattern 3 class) and sewed in Apparel Construction class.


Britta Hellquist – Draping, Dresses, Pants, Jackets, Couture classes

Comments from the Spring 2022 class:

I always learn a million things I never thought of.  I learned how to do a lining!

Britta explains things very well and in ways I can remember.  She also repeats herself to make sure we understand which I really appreciate.

She is kind, helpful, easy going & SKILLED!

I’d love to take more advanced draping classes at PFI.  It would be cool if PFI offered more classes to practice, such as draping for custom clients.  Britta gives clear instructions, helpful with questions, helps apply concepts to real life.



Anne Swanson-Patternmaking classes

Comments from the Spring 2022 classes:

One thing I learned:  Just one?!  I gained confidence with pattern drafting and adjusting patterns.

One thing I liked the best:  Anne’s friendly demeanor & the fun vibe of the class.

Ann is knowledgeable, patient, kind.  I appreciated her professionalism when it came to talking about measuring each other.

Anne is super cool & extremely helpful.  She is rad.

She’s incredibly patient and has years of experience to share.

I was anxious to take this class because I felt it was a bit beyond my skill level.  But I’m really glad I did because I learned ao much and feel a bit more confident.  Anne is a fantastic teacher.

I learned a lot and I only wish I’d taken this class years ago.  Fit issues have kept me from the joy of sewing my own clothes.  I’m so happy to understand how to fit patterns better so that I an sew more of my clothes going forward.  Thank you Anne and thank you PFI.


Lisa Silveira – Sergery, Lingerie, Machine Knitting classes

Comments from the Spring 2022 classes:

I’ve taken so many of her classes and they’re always enjoyable & educational.

Lisa is skilled, thorough, exact, helpful and talented.  Excellent instruction.  Always learn something each day.

I loved this class!  Lisa is super supportive & knowledgeable.

One thing I learned:  OMG so much.  Let’s start with knowing when to use my serger.




Lynn Weglarz – Beginning Sewing classes

Comments from the Spring 2022 classes:

One thing I learned:  A lot!  I saw major improvement at each subsequent project.

One thing I learned:  So many things!  Lots of techniques that will be super helpful in future projects.

I learned so much & had a lot of fun.  I’m eager to take more of the current offerings.

She is very patient, calm and encouraging to the students.

I can tell she has a lot of personal knowledge.  She is organized, approachable and very very helpful.  A lovely person.


Adrianna McKinley – Browzwear class

Comments from the Spring 2022 classes:

Adrianna was a great teacher! I enjoyed being in her class!

Adrianna is amazing! I honestly am learning so much in just a few weeks. Instructions are clear, she has worksheets to keep us engaged, and actually knows the content. Big thumbs up!

It can be a difficult platform for some people and would have been easier in person under normal circumstances. However, the teacher did an amazing job!

Thank You so much for everything, this class really helped open up my eyes to the range of countless possibilities available when designing.

Chris W

Candice Freedman, registrar
I just want to thank you so much for the interview! It was so great to have all my questions answered and just getting to know you and the school better and I’m looking forward to all these amazing classes and getting to work with such creative minds!  Again, thank you so much for everything!