Portland Fashion Institute, LLC aims to be the best education center for apparel in the USA. Our teachers work in apparel. Our goal is to exceed expectations while giving students a fun and rewarding experience.

Our mission: To bring fashion education to the nation.

We hone people’s talents, give them confidence and new skills while inspiring enthusiasm and having fun.Our students are focused, talented and dedicated to creating something wonderful. They want to change their lives — and the world around them. Every member of this diverse group is here with a purpose. They are “in it to win it.”PFI offers what few other schools offer: Apparel courses taught by apparel professionals. Our 24 contract instructors come from every sector in the apparel industry from large corporations to independent design.PFI is located in the treasured Hollywood District of NE Portland, Oregon. We are close to shopping, bistros, farmers markets, homes and one of Portland’s largest libraries.  Thanks to its interactive online classes, it can bring exciting skills to the rest of the world.Help us grow your dreams so you too can join and shape the apparel industry.No job openings at this time.  Please check back later.