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Portland Fashion Institute is a nationally accredited private nonprofit career institute of higher learning and Portland’s only accredited fashion design college.

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PFI strives to promote brands and designers eager to support students and their academic pursuits, be it through financial support, career opportunities, or other creative collaborations.

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Let us know if you need help.  Send us your job announcement to or let us know if you need an intern or employee here.


Contact PFI at with an actual creative or business-related challenge. Task PFI enrollees to solve it with your company. It could be a learning opportunity for both groups.


PFI raises money from individual and corporate sponsors to support fashion students and alumni with everything from scholarships and mentoring to career opportunities and networking events. With these collaborations, PFI alumni will work with a brand’s creative team on a limited-edition capsule collection that will be sold in stores and online. Contact


Help a current student by becoming a career and networking volunteer.  Fill out the form below and submit.

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