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Portland Fashion Institute is a nationally accredited private nonprofit career institute of higher learning and Portland’s only accredited fashion design college.




Fashionistas!  It’s time to learn how to design your fashion ideas.  If you’ve ever had the desire to create but didn’t know where to start, here’s what to do to make it happen.  Here’s how to get the right skills, step by step and what you can create.  And, just for fun, here’s what others have done with these skills.

Ready to get started?  Great!

Nothing will stop your desire to make something wonderful!

Fashion Illustration

Mondays, April 15-July 8, 6-9 pm [online]
with Nancy Simon, lead designer, Get Sushi & Kroger Corp
This is step one:  Get over your fears.  Get your ideas down.  Get the right size.  Get the right proportions.
Start with a pencil & piece of paper. Next thing you know, you’re a fashion artist.

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Illustration by Paige McKenzie.  Paige used their skills to land a job at Wildfang.

Adobe for Fashion Design

Wednesdays, April 17-July 3, 6-9 pm [online]
(with Adobe Prep, Wed & Thurs, April 10 & 11, 6-9 pm)

with Corazon Reynolds, product developer; A&K Designs; designer, Corazon Company

Let’s go digital.  Adobe is the standard for any apparel designer. See and draw garments using a computer and your Adobe program. Know Adobe like a boss.

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Illustration by Laura Guinazu.  Laura now works as senior technical developer at Nike.

Flats & Technical Packages

with Corazon Reynolds, product developer, A&K Designs; designer, Corazon Company

Mondays, April 15-July 8, 6-9 pm [online]
Let’s get the details.  A must for anyone wanting to enter the apparel profession. Each week, you’ll translate an illustration to a flat with a spec package — just as you would do on the job or just to get your garments sewn.
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Illustration by Meghan Lee.  Meghan now works as apparel product developer at Portland Garment Factory.

Graphic Design

with Jena Nesbitt,  PCF director of product strategy
Tuesdays, April 16-May 21, 6-9 pm [online]

Learn how to use digital design tools to incorporate these elements into fabric, apparel and brand collateral that stands out.

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Illustration by Stephanie Hutton.  Stephanie now works in digital product creation at Browzwear.

Concept & Development

with Jena Nesbitt,  PCF director of product strategy
Thursdays, April 18-July 11 6-9 pm [online]
Create finished illustrations ready for a portfolio or to start patterning and sewing your collection.

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Illustration by Kyle Woods.  Kyle now works as apparel technical designer at Hanna Andersson.


with Tricia Langman, Sustainable & Biomimicry expert
Tuesdays, April 16-May 21, 6-9 pm

Now that you have a design, you better know something about the materials you will use.  Let’s start with the fabric.  No one knows more about the secret life of fabrics and where to get the right stuff than international textile designer, the delightful Trish.  She even will bring you samples and let you test them.

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Vintage Commuter garments made of sustainable textiles by Summer Sweet.  Summer now works in sourcing at Hanna Andersson.

Materials Development

with Ajay Chadha, director of materials innovation & sustainability, REI
Wednesdays, April 17-May 22, 6-9 pm

Can’t find the right materials?  Design your own.  Ajay has worked for Nike, Coach and now REI.  No one knows more about how to create new and upcycle old into something new.

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Illustration by Bryn Swain.  Bryn now works as an apparel designer at Pendleton Woolen Mills.


Want more?  You can take your designs to another level.  Eventually you are going to need to turn your designs into patterns.  Or you may need to add an innovative twist to keep them fresh and interesting.  Or, for the sake of all of us in the industry and on this planet, make your designs sustainable.  If this feels like your direction, read on.

Optitex: Computer Patternmaking

with Joshua Buck, technical developer, Nike & fashion designer, WWJJD
Saturdays, April 20-June 1, 10 am-1 pm

You need to make a pattern from your design so you can cut and sew it.  If you have taken Patternmaking, you are ready to go digital so you can print your own patterns or send them to others to do the work.  You provide the computer.  Josh provides the skills.  We provide the software program and the opportunity to use it for a year following the class.

Design by Eva Boryer.  Eva now works as digital solutions associate manager for Kohls.

Innovative Design

Wednesdays, April 17-July 3, 6-9 pm

Work with famed local designer Liza Reitz to reimagine how to design garments by exploring inspirational patterning and draping techniques.  Then get ready to show your designs on the runway in front of family, friends and industry leaders.


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Designs by Dieter Vlasich, Viola Pruitt, Chuck’s Lab, Erin Clutinger

Sustainable Design

with Tricia Langman, textile designer for Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Pendleton & many others
Tuesdays, May 28-July 2, 2-5 pm [online]

Stay on top of the latest trends such as circular design, fibers, sourcing and production with internationally-known textile designer Tricia Langman.

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Elinor recycles old jeans into a dress, just for fun.


You are invited to PFI’s Spring Open House this Saturday, March 30, 10 am-1 pm.  Tour the building, see classes in action, get a chance to win something and get some swag.  It’s FREE!
We’ll see you there!

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