In this class you will cover:

Basic grading

Use slopers to learn the basic principles of changing pattern sizes. Learn the inside secrets of increasing and decreasing sizes and government standards for grade rules. Apply these principles to pants, skirts, sleeves and bodices.

Advanced grading and marking

Bring in your patterns and learn how to grade them to different sizes. Create your own grade rules for cardinal points. Apply to knits and wovens.


Learn how to set up a marker — a layout of all you pattern pieces ready for cutting — for best use of fabric.

You will need your tag slopers (from Pattern 1 or other patternmaking class. Need one? Come to an Open Sewing & we’ll help you make one.)


Sharon Blair, PFI - BA, MA, PAA
Fridays, Grading & Marking, 10 am-1 pm
Cost/Cost Options:
$349 (Includes handouts and pattern paper).
Supply List:
Please contact the PFI Sewing Store Manager for questions about your Supply List.
Additional Notes/Costs:

Buy needed items from PFI Supply store next to PFI with your 20% student discount. Order from and have your supplies delivered to you the first day of class or by mail or by pick up at PFI Supply, 4225 NE Tillamook, right next to PFI school.