Optitex-Computer Patternmaking

Computer Patternmaking, Grading, Marking with Optitex

Learn how to use Optitex -- the favorite computer pattern program used by industry and independent designers

Optitex 101:  Basic Computer Patternmaking.  Go from flat pattern to CAD (computer-aided design) — the industry way.  You’ll learn to digitize your patterns, modify them, check and correct notches, armholes, necklines and seamlines, create variations and seam allowances.  You’ll also learn how to create patterns from measurements and spec sheets.  Use Optitex 12 — the same software used by Nike and many designers — and an Algotex digitizer.

Optitex 201:  Grading & Marking

Grading.  Learn the principles of cardinal points and grade rules on a flat pattern, then move to the computer program and apply them to your pattern. Size grading is the process of increasing and decreasing clothing sizes. Fashion designers work with a patternmaker to develop their first patterns. Samples are made from these patterns and when they are complete and ready to be produced, they need to be graded. The pattern pieces are increased and decreased at specific locations to create each size.  To first learn more about grading before diving into Optitex, take our Grading class.

Marking.  Layout a size run of your patterns for the best fabric usage for your size runs and styles.  Learn the difference between mixed, single size and other markers and which to use where. A marker is a layout of the pattern pieces that a cutting service will place on top of the spread fabric. Your goal: The highest fabric usage while conforming to grainline and sizes per your company’s requirements.   Need to know more about marking?  To first learn more about marking before diving into Optitex, take our Grading and Marking class.

Optitex 301.  Gain advanced experience applicable to your company’s designs and specifications.  Learn the secret techniques for adjusting computer patterns after fit sessions and alterations.  Practice how to transfer Optitex .pds files to other CAD systems, such as how to use Optitex with other software (Excel, Adobe Illustrator, Gerber, Lectra).  Set up various sizes and markers for plot.

Need a refresher on your Optitex skills?  We have Optitex private lessons for you.  $60/hour, minimum of 2 hours.  Tuesday-Saturday, 2-5 pm

Syllabus File
Instructor: Sharon Blair, PFI - BA, MA, PAA, Northwest representative for Optitex
Dates/Times: Fridays, April 13-May 11 OR June 1-29, 6-9 pm
Cost/Cost Options: $649/person.
Additional Notes/Costs:

Limited to 5 students/session.  Prerequisites:  Intro and Advanced Patternmaking (Pattern 1-4) or permission of the instructor



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