Where do designers get their ideas? How do they make these ideas a reality?  History of Fashion gives you the answers.  Learn about the history of fashion and the process of designing.  See fashion’s past, present and glimpse fashion’s future. Learn how fashion has evolved through time. Discover the influential fashion designers and trends that changed history. Get an overview of how the way we dress has changed from pre-history through today, with an emphasis on 20th century designers and trends. Learn to spot how contemporary designers are inspired by the past.

Answers to our Instagram quiz.  The five famous designers and what brought them fame:


  1. Yves St Laurent. French Algerian. Invented jumpsuits, pant suits as couture, Rive Gauche and so much more.
  2. Anne Lowe. Made Jackie Kennedy’s wedding dress.
  3. Coco Chanel. Little black dress.
  4. Zelda Valdes. Invented the Bunny suit.
  5. Marc Jacobs. Fired from Perry Ellis. Rebounded to create one of the world’s most successful clothing lines.

Did you get all five?  Congrats!  You know your fashion culture.  Want to know more, then sign up for this class and get all the back story secrets!


Annin Barrett, textile designer, artist & curator
History: Monday, Sept 14-Oct 19, 6-9 pm
Inside: Monday Oct 26-Nov 30, 6-9 pm
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