Get into the business of fashion apparel retailing online and in-store.  Examine forecasting and purchasing techniques and buying methods.  Produce an optimal buying or merchandising plan.  Get ready to take a key role whether in business for yourself or working for someone else.

As a buyer, you will learn effective techniques for interacting with manufacturers and sales reps. You will create a merchandise assortment plan complete with store layout and a supporting a six month financial plan and a marketing plan. You will learn to manage profitability and have a solid understanding of retail math.

As sellers/vendors, you will understand market pricing and what stores/buyers are looking for. By the end of class, you will know how to close an order, negotiate terms, promote the line and make money.

During class you will:

  • Identify and understand potential customers
  • Develop sales forecasts
  • Prepare a 6-month merchandise plan
  • Plan merchandise assortments
  • Identify criteria for selecting vendors
  • Prepare for a market visit
  • Negotiate with vendors
  • Place an order
  • Coordinate promo activities.
  • Conquer supply chain issues in a digital economy.
Jena Nesbitt, senior product developer, Pinecrest Fabrics
Tuesday, June 16-July 21, 6-9 pm
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Additional Notes/Costs:

-- To take part, you need a laptop or desktop computer with (at least) 2G of memory and a 1Ghz processor (any computer bought in the last five years should be fine).
-- For bandwidth, you must have at least 0.5 Mbits/second upstream and 1 Mbits/second downstream. To check bandwidth use,
-- For browsers, we recommend Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox or Microsoft Edge.
-- For audio, we strongly recommend using a headset. A headset will ensure that others can hear your voice clearly and you don’t cause echo or background noise for others. You do not need to buy an expensive one -- any basic headset with a built-in microphone will work. You can get one at Fred Meyer’s electronics department. A laptop with a built-in webcam and microphone will be sufficient as well if you’re in a quiet area.