Get into the business of fashion apparel retailing online and in-store.  Examine forecasting and purchasing techniques and buying methods.  Produce an optimal buying or merchandising plan.  Get ready to take a key role whether in business for yourself or working for someone else.

As a buyer, you will learn effective techniques for interacting with manufacturers and sales reps. You will create a merchandise assortment plan complete with store layout and a supporting a six month financial plan and a marketing plan. You will learn to manage profitability and have a solid understanding of retail math.

As sellers/vendors, you will understand market pricing and what stores/buyers are looking for. By the end of class, you will know how to close an order, negotiate terms, promote the line and make money.

During class you will:

  • Identify and understand potential customers
  • Develop sales forecasts
  • Prepare a 6-month merchandise plan
  • Plan merchandise assortments
  • Identify criteria for selecting vendors
  • Prepare for a market visit
  • Negotiate with vendors
  • Place an order
  • Coordinate promo activities.
  • Conquer supply chain issues in a digital economy.
Jena Nesbitt, senior product developer, Pinecrest Fabrics
Fridays, Feb 24-March 31, 2-5 pm
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Supply List:
Please contact the PFI Sewing Store Manager for questions about your Supply List.
Additional Notes/Costs:

Become familiar with PFI’s online Intranet, Populi. You will receive a Populi username and password. By two weeks before class starts, your instructor will load your class syllabus and your first class assignment. By one week before your class starts, you are sent a reminder of log-in instructions and directed to go online to test your system then read the syllabus and first assignment and to download your class files. At this time, make sure you have downloaded and opened your Adobe Illustrator just to make sure your subscription program is completely set up and ready to work on your first day of class.