An overview of tools and techniques for 3D prototyping in Browzwear. All sessions are synchronous and in person.

Browzwear is a pioneering 3D solution for apparel design, development and merchandising which are the key to a successful digital product lifecycle. Through 3D, designers, developers, production and marketing can collaborate to get creative products to market faster than ever before. Retailers around the world are connecting people and processes, reducing iterations and samples, and merchandising garments even before they are produced.

Learn to use Vstitcher software from Browzwear to create and share virtual (3D) prototypes. Create posable avatars, import digital patterns, add realistic fabric and trims and render out your original designs, all without cutting into materials or sewing a stitch. Practice fitting techniques and perfect your designs at your desk, saving valuable time and resources.

You will work on a a pre-made pattern from your Optitex class. Please bring a 2-piece outfit with the following details. Avatars must be fully dressed for the runway.

All designs must include:
– Zipper
– Buttons
– Pockets
– Darts

And at least one of the following:
– Cuff & placket
– Collar & stand
– Multi-piece closure
– Lining & Facing

And your choice of two of the following:
– Yoke
– Pleats
– Detachable part (hood, leg, etc.)
– Be puffy
– Welt pockets
– Zipper pockets
– Boning/underwire
– Bias cuts

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Norma O’Brien, Apparel Fit Engineer, Columbia Sportswear
Browzwear: Saturdays, Feb 25-April 1, 10 am-1 pm

Cost/Cost Options:
$499/person for Browzwear (includes license fee for use of program during class + access to Browzwear Indie program)
Supply List:
Please contact the PFI Sewing Store Manager for questions about your Supply List.
Additional Notes/Costs:

Class limited to 12 students. Pre-requisite: Intro and Advanced Patternmaking (Pattern 1-4) or permission of the instructor. Must have good knowledge of patternmaking and fit/alteration.