Chanel.  Ralph Lauren. Vera Wang.  When you say the name, you picture the clothes.  That’s what branding does for you.  It sets who you are and the expectations your customers have of your product.  That’s why branding is so important to your success and the viability of your company.  Branding tells your customers in an instant who are you and what to expect in your product.

In this class, you will create a brand for your company.  Understand your brand personality, plus your strengths and challenges in the marketplace.  Define and separate yourself  from the competition.  Create a cult — the core group of customers who will buy and champion your garments.  Find the right name and tagline, social media content and sales pitches that fits you. Then find out how to keep true to your brand and build lasting and profitable relationships with current and potential customers.

This is your second step toward a grant for launching your business.

Jena Nesbitt, product strategy director, PCF
Branding: Mondays, February 22-March 29, 2-5 pm OR 6-9 pm PST
Strategic Marketing: Mondays, January 11-February 15, 2-5 pm OR 6-9 pm PST
Cost/Cost Options:
$249 for this class; $473 if with Strategic Marketing
Supply List:
Additional Notes/Costs:

- Apple/PC laptop
- Mouse
Become familiar with PFI’s online Intranet, Populi. You will receive a Populi username and password shortly after registration. By two weeks before class starts, your instructor will load your class syllabus and your first class assignment. By one week before your class starts, you are sent a reminder of log-in instructions and directed to go online to test your system then read the syllabus and first assignment and to download your class files.