Portland Fashion Institute’s Apparel Construction sewing series is the most comprehensive series of beginning sewing classes to make clothes in Portland. We chose these garment sewing projects to give you the sewing skills needed to sew any clothing project. Learn to sew in a fun and relaxed environment.  Sign up for the sewing classes one at a time or sign up for the whole apparel construction sewing series for a discount.

Apparel Construction 1.0 Upgrade your skills. Start making clothes.  Make an A-line skirt or men’s/unisex henley shirt with a zipper.  Prereq:  Beginning Sewing. Apparel Construction 1.0 SupplyList-A-lineSkirt OR  Apparel Construction 1.0 Supply List Henley Shirt

Apparel Construction 2.0   Prereq: Apparel Construction 1.0 Make garments fit.  Sew two kinds of pockets. Learn the secrets of elastic while making casual unisex weekend pants. Apparel Construction 2.0 SupplyList

Apparel Construction 3.0  Prereq: Apparel Construction 2.0  Learn the secrets of a professional garment while you make a princess seamed dress or man’s camp shirt.  Unlock the secrets of interfacing, collars, buttonholes.  Use your machine to sew on buttons.  Apparel Construction 3.0 Dress Supply List OR Apparel Construction 3.0 Shirt Supply List

Know how to use a machine but want to sew & fit like a pro?  Then you’re ready for Apparel Construction.  Still can’t decide between Beginning Sewing or Apparel Construction?  Try these 5 quick questions to find out.

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Lisa Silveira of Wandering Muse
Wednesday, Sept 2-Nov 18, 6-9 pm SOLD OUT
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$109 per level or $319 for the series (includes pattern & handouts)
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Bring your own sewing machine or talk to us about renting or buying.
"Lisa is the kind of teacher who is the reason I take classes instead of book or internet learning. She is the perfect balance of warmth + confidence, + was an unending source of helpful hints. You can tell she herself is a seamstress."