Apparel Construction

Apparel Construction

Improve your sewing skills and learn industry methods.

Know how to use a machine but want to sew & fit like a pro?  Then you’re ready for Apparel Construction.  Enjoy a class a’la carte or go the whole 9 yards and take the series by registering below.

Apparel Construction 1.0  Learn basic stitches and how to use your machine while you make an A-line skirt with a zipper. Guys!  You’ll make a sports vest.  Prerequisite:  Beginning Sewing. Apparel Construction 1.0 SupplyList-A-lineSkirt  Apparel Construction 1.0 SupplyList-Man’sVest

Apparel Construction 2.0   Prereq: Apparel Construction 1.0 Learn how to fit patterns plus the secrets of elastic while making a casual pair of weekend pants.  Make two kinds of pockets. Apparel Construction 2.0 SupplyList

Apparel Construction 3.0  Prereq: Apparel Construction 2.0  Learn the secrets of making a professional garment while you make a princess seamed day dress in blouse, tunic or knee length.  Construct interfacing, collars, buttonholes and sew on buttons.  Guys!  You’ll make a camp shirt.  Apparel Construction 3.0 Supply List (Dress)  Apparel Construction 3.0 Supply List (Man’s Camp Shirt)

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Instructor: Lisa Silveira of Wandering Muse
Dates/Times: See below for a full list of registration options.
Cost/Cost Options: Non-credit class: $109 per individual class or $319 for the series (includes pattern & handouts)
Additional Notes/Costs:

Bring your own sewing machine or talk to us about renting or buying.
"I love your school! I'm so glad to have found it. I left Apparel Construction with so much confidence, and I've been honing my skills since the class ended. I am glad you have the fortitude to bring something like this into the world." -- Christopher

Available Tickets Price Qty*
AC 2 am show details + $109.00 (USD)  / ticket  
AC 3 am show details + $109.00 (USD)  / ticket  
AC 2 pm show details + $109.00 (USD)  / ticket  
AC 3 pm show details + $109.00 (USD)  / ticket  
AC 2 Sat show details + $109.00 (USD)  / ticket  
AC 3 Sat show details + $109.00 (USD)  / ticket  
AC Series Summer show details + $319.00 (USD)  / ticket  
AC 1 Summer show details + $109.00 (USD)  / ticket  
AC 2 Summer show details + $109.00 (USD)  / ticket  
AC 3 Summer show details + $109.00 (USD)  / ticket  

* Please note that a maximum number of 3 tickets can be purchased for this event per order.