Before you can take this class, you must first take this short quiz.

A great introduction to one of the most important software programs in the fashion industry. Adobe illustrator is used extensively in the fashion industry and it’s something you need to know. This course introduces you to the program, tools, the  workspace and how to use the mouse. Receive practice files and templates.

This class is a pre-requisite for Adobe Illustrator for Fashion Design; you will need to take this class in order to take Adobe Illustrator for Fashion Design.   You can test out of Adobe Prep.  Click the link above.  Send your completed test and demos to

If you pass the test, you can move directly to Adobe Illustrator and register.

Either way, get ready to open your mind to a whole new world of fashion design and skills.

Supplies.  You will need:

• Experience with computers.
• A mouse.  Your trackpad alone will not do.
• Sketchbook for note taking & drawing.
• USB device ( 2 GB recommended )
• Apple/PC laptop loaded with Adobe CC,  You can:
• Download the free 30-day trial version from the website
• Buy a student subscription for the Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign package.
• Buy a student subscription individual Illustration program for slightly less for the full package.
Adrianna Aguirre, Thread Theory pattern developer
Weds & Thurs, Jan 4 & 5, 2-5 pm [ONLINE]
Cost/Cost Options:
$167 (includes $35 technology fee)
Supply List:
Please contact the PFI Sewing Store Manager for questions about your Supply List.
Additional Notes/Costs:

For the online class: Become familiar with PFI’s online Intranet, Populi. You will receive a Populi username and password. By two weeks before class starts, your instructor will load your class syllabus and your first class assignment. By one week before your class starts, you are sent a reminder of log-in instructions and directed to go online to test your system then read the syllabus and first assignment and to download your class files. At this time, make sure you have downloaded and opened your Adobe Illustrator just to make sure your subscription program is completely set up and ready to work on your first day of class.

PFI's $35 Online Learning Fee covers costs associated with administration, online class support, non-traditional course formats, and technology support. PFI charges per course or series rather than per credit (as is the cases with most institutions and colleges.)