New York Fashion Week starts this Thursday.  (February 8-February 16).  Many designers in the Pacific Northwest wonder why we’re still interested in what may seem an antiquated ritual of the fashion industry.   And, to face facts, most people don’t know NYFW even exists.  They just go shopping with a swipe and click on smart phones and tablets.

But as Amanda Priestly says in “The Devil Wears Prada”, the fashion industry drives what we wear.  We may not know where that blue belt came from, we just know we want it.  Before you purchase it, it was selected for you three years ago.  That blue is part of an industry that drives millions of dollars and thousands of jobs. (

Why fashion week?  Why fashion trends?  Because the eye and the mind always want something new.  Justin Bieber replaces Justin Timberlake.  Kim Kardashian replaces Paris Hilton.  Cardi B replaces Nicki Minaj.  Avocado toast replaces chips and guacamole.

As part of NYFW, Trend Council released their top three Mood Themes for Fall/Winter 2018-19 women’s wear.  Choose your favorite.  Or not.  In three years, it will be choosing you.

Keep that smart phone handy.  Get ready to take some pictures.  You’ll may be seeing these trends already.

Mood theme:  Czarina.  World views take dramatic shifts on Russia’s place in global affairs.  The Cold War seems to continue and there is increased suspicion of Russian hacking and playing chess with other nations.  As this region comes into focus, [Trend Council] looks back at centuries of rich provenance, including the House of Romanov which, as most things Russian, remains shrouded in mystery.

Mood Theme:  Winter Bird.  As we push towards technology we ironically find design inspiration studying the Winter Bird.  Social behavior, flight capability, loft and shape as well as the intricacies of how nests are woven.  This integration of the organic mixed with high technology is the future of fashion and textiles.

Mood Theme:  Dynasty.  The prefect sorry of women vying for top political and industry positions and our continued focus on the 1980s conjures up an episode of Dynasty.  This highly popular show epitomized 1980s fashion with bold primary colors, big hair, huge shoulder pads and the return of fashion headwear.