Pattern People has just released their Fall / Winter 2018/19 print and color guide. Of course it is amazing. On view: trend images to get your creative juices flowing. Natural History and Ladylike macro trends lead the way for seasonal direction.

Spirited hues of deep reds and burnt orange immediately create blatant emotions of happiness and enthusiasm. In contrast to the color of bright sunsets are varied shades of blue-grays that delicately illuminate feelings of calmness. Olive green and brown implicative of the earth and nature relate to prosperity and ambition and harmony. Fuzzy dark shades of orange embrace change- a trait that is necessary for an always-evolving world.

Entering fearlessly, dark brown collides with inviting blue. Sunny yellows ensure blissful merriment and burnt shades of orange add rustic charm. Chilly bluish-grays create notions of communication and reflection. Shadowed browns are no longer bystanders but are the grip that keeps the cool collectives glued tightly together.

Neutral browns maintain a solid platform. Where darker shades are expressive of reliability, lighter shades of brown represent genuineness. Peachy pinks sweeten even the darkest of browns with arousing touches of love and intimacy while brown fur teases the curious soul. Desirable characteristics that is sure to arouse any hopeless romantic.

The common factor between indigo, ocean, and arctic is their close relationship with the majestic shade of blue. Icy and distant the darkest of blues creates a sense of trust and strength. The lighter shades of blues and blue-greens give a more serene feel causing peace of mind and relaxation of the body. Terracotta and glittering copper penetrate warmth through the cool crystal coves.

Let yourself be guided by the intensity of the dark deep blue water that sails against the whitely tinted blue splashes. Shades of browns tower over the edges and refreshing greens cover the turf. Enchanting reds and pumpkin colored orange add a little magic and animation. Soaring through the sky are grays that thrive together for a remarkable and captivating sight.

Yes, it’s true that in Portland, our only colors are gray and black.  But I, for one, am thrilled to see the return of color.  For any season, we need a little happiness and hope right now.