Viola Pruitt Horton

I’m a professional Seamstress/Tailor/Costumer of theater and film. When I first came to PFI, I focused on classes that would challenge my sewing skills. I began in 2013 by taking the Leatherworking classes, then I took the menswear classes. After about a year, I finally put myself in the Apparel Certificate Program, and I started with the Pattern Making classes! I work as a professional costumer for Equity and Community Theater houses, children’s theater and film. I have loved being around theater since high school, and I started costuming in HS, continued in college, and I used to do the costuming for my former husbands Funk Band Velvet, from 1983-1992. The favorite part of my job is taking an actor’s back story and creating their characters with fabric! To anyone out there wanting to pursue a career in fashion, my advice is DO IT!! Don’t let anything thing or anyone stop you, and most important, it’s never too late! PFI is the best fashion school on the West Coast! You get the technical training that you need to pursue anything you want and need in the fashion realm! A simple placement test can help you to discover what sewing classes you need to get started, to realize your dreams!