New year. New you. New skills.

Let’s make 2023 the year your fashion dreams come true.

Allizah C says: “My experience at PFI prepared me and fulfilled my education needs in order to be successful in the fashion industry. Because of PFI I am able to successfully make my dreams of working in this industry a reality. My highlight was being able to bring my sketch designs to life in a physical garment.”

Nothing makes us happier than when we live up to our motto:
Changing people’s lives. Making fashion dreams come true.

Let’s make 2023 the year your fashion dreams come true, whatever they may be. We have nearly 50 classes coming up. Maybe one or two are the right ones for you. Click the class links below for details.

Sewing Classes

with Lynn, Mary Iris, Rianna and Suzi

Love it? Don’t throw it away. Learn to use a machine and fix it.

Beginning Sewing
Apparel Construction
Industrial Machine Sewing

Couture & Clothing Classes

with Britta and Elle
Make it by hand. Make it by machine. Make it wonderful.

Classic Shirts: the right details for women and men
Couture Techniques
Couture Dress
Corsets & Bustiers

Left: Kamyar in Favorite Son shirt by Erich. Right: Kayla in corset & petticoat by Kyra.

Specialty Classes

with Lisa Silveira
Recycle. Renew. Reuse. Learn something fun.

Embellished Knits
Splendid Mending
Machine Knitting

Patternmaking Classes

with Anne, Britta, Josh and Adri

Knits & Stretch
Grading & Marking
Optitex 2D patternmaking
Browzwear 3D patternmaking
Advanced Pattern

Left: Marisol in AMC Clothing by Ana.

Design Classes

with Kel, Jena, Nancy and Rianna
Express your ideas.  Show the world.  And make your own fabric prints.
Fashion Illustration
Adobe Illustrator
Flats & Techs
Graphic Design
Computer Print Design

Right:  Sarah Donofrio designs.

Blazer traded to Raptors takes PFI grad’s designs with him


Gary Trent Jr may be traded by Portland’s Blazers to Toronto’s Raptors, but that doesn’t stop Lake Oswego-based designer Charlie Ryan from designing for him. “I’m still going to be doing the same thing for him,” Ryan says, “but now a different audience will see the clothes so I’ll get to reach a new market outside of Portland.”
Ryan attended Portland Fashion Institute while in his senior year at Lake Oswego High School. His clothing concepts won him a scholarship at PFI and a fashion show at Fade to Light. This experience won him a full fashion design scholarship at Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia.
To see his latest designs, visit @chuckslab or @portlandfashioninsitute on Instagram.

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Why you shouldn’t buy cheap clothes made in China

Think that $19.95 jacket is a treasure? It’s not. Here’s why.  We found the Factories inside China’s mass internment camps. 

China built its vast network of detention camps to do more than simply keep people behind bars.  Investigations identified factories right inside many of Xinjiang’s internment compounds.  These long, rectangular buildings with blue roofs are capable of putting thousands of Muslim detainees to work against their will.  China has built scores of them — encompassing millions of square feet — in the last three years. Observers have long warned of rising forced labor in Xinjiang. Satellite images show factories built just steps away from cell blocks.
Two former detainees said they had worked in factories while they were detained. One of them, Gulzira Auelhan, said she and other women traveled by bus to a factory where they would sew gloves. Asked if she was paid, she simply laughed.
From BuzzFeed News.  For the rest of the story, click here



1 – Weight pattern to a clean piece of paper.

2 – Join two pencils with a rubber band.

3 – Trace around pattern.

4 – Remove weights & pattern.

5 – Reveal tracing.

Want more?  Sign up for Patternmaking with Anne.  We have four levels of patternmaking; choose the one that’s right for you.  Next class starts September 9.  Click here!