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Have you seen a lot of denim lately?  Don’t worry, you will.  We’re not talking about the “Canadian tuxedo” made (in)famous when Brittany and Justin were dating. Today we have new finishes, surface treatments and detailing that will be vital to your next denim collection and retail mix.  Thanks to Trendstop and Premiere Vision in Paris, […]

Did you watch any of the New York Fashion Week last week?  No?  Then you missed some wonderful — as well as wacky shows.  Some of them brought us to new epiphanies of what can be done with texture, style, the human body and ethical choices.  Others, well, let’s just say that we won’t be […]

New York Fashion Week starts this Thursday.  (February 8-February 16).  Many designers in the Pacific Northwest wonder why we’re still interested in what may seem an antiquated ritual of the fashion industry.   And, to face facts, most people don’t know NYFW even exists.  They just go shopping with a swipe and click on smart […]

Micro-trends = our speciality. And with the new season starting to make itself known in our wardrobes (hands up if you’ve already bought a pink jumper, tried out these new shoe styles, bookmarked a fresh coat or even thought about wearing tights), it’s also time to start thinking outside of the obvious autumn/winter 2017 headliners […]