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Finish your garments quickly and with precision Hems are one of the last details added to projects. And although they finish a garment, many times they are given short shrift in order to get to the fun part—wearing the garment. After spending so much time and consideration cutting and sewing, why spoil all of your […]

Anatomy of cottons  Click link to see video We’re talking wovens here. HOW THEY ARE MADE: Weft threads are woven through warp threads using a shuttle. Shuttles on today’s high-speed rapier looms move faster than eye can see. Wovens are more stable and easier to sew than knits, particularly when they are made of natural […]

Q — I am looking into purchasing a serger. I am not able to afford a brand new one, so I have been looking at ones on Craigslist. Going into it I would like to know what I should be looking for — Janelle A — Your best bet is to find a 3/4 thread serger […]

August 24, 2015 — Sewing tip of the day:  Keep bias seams from rippling.  Sew seam with a piece of matching selvage on top. July 30 — Q:  I am making a pair of shorts out of boucle fabric. I am concerned about bulk. Should I keep the back darts ( width is about half an […]

  Learn how to create a perfect fit, plus how to sew details like zippers and how to finish seams professionally in our next Dresses class.  Choose from one of five styles for your most flattering fit.  Class starts Tuesday, May 19.  Click here to learn more.

Q — I’m looking for a home coverstitch machine. Do you have one in the $400 range? — Serena A — There are really only two home coverstitch machines to consider: — Janome CoverPro 900, around $400. It isn’t self-threading, but it is easy to thread. It’s a decent, reliable machine. The newer model, 1000CPX, […]

  August 24, 2015:  Braid, Soutache, Passementerie, Ric-Rac Name: Soutache is French term for braid.  Passementerie refers to elaborate trimmings or edgings of gold or silver cord, embroidery, colored silk or beads; from the French, passements.  Millinery and hem braid are still called horsehair braid although today they are made of clear manufactured monofilament fiber. Ric-rac always […]