Sewing Wisdom

Many thanks to Cassie Morgan Portland Mercury for the wonderful article reviewing Fade to Light: A Multidimensional Fashion Event by Elizabeth Mollo Productions Here’s the excerpt about our Portland Fashion Institute Fashion Forward designers . Enjoy! Next up were the preview collections from the graduating class of the Portland Fashion Institute. From my previous articles, you […]

Cheongsam one-piece chinese dresses for women

Micro-trends = our speciality. And with the new season starting to make itself known in our wardrobes (hands up if you’ve already bought a pink jumper, tried out these new shoe styles, bookmarked a fresh coat or even thought about wearing tights), it’s also time to start thinking outside of the obvious autumn/winter 2017 headliners […]

sharon blair standing in front of multicolored fabrics

Anatomy of cottons  Click link to see video We’re talking wovens here. HOW THEY ARE MADE: Weft threads are woven through warp threads using a shuttle. Shuttles on today’s high-speed rapier looms move faster than eye can see. Wovens are more stable and easier to sew than knits, particularly when they are made of natural […]