Our friends at Design Options Inc have just released their Young Contemporary Women’s Color Forecast.  Two major trends:  Night Out In Bangkok, a blended group of reds and purples that are “awake and aware” and Earthbound, a feeling that “we come in peace” with multitudes of neutrals and subdued hues. Design Options Inc, the color forecasting firm dedicated to bringing Southern California’s unique aesthetic to the world.  For more about color trends and forecasts, check out PFI’s Color Theory class with Nike’s Kimmy Schenter.

Night Out in Bangkok
All dressed up in shades and tints of reds and purples. Like a group of friends, almost identical but each with their own unique traits, these analogous colors are the life of the party. Deep purples arouse the imagination, while plums stay bound to the ground: awake and aware. Where light pink shows a sense of relaxation and aloofness, the fieriest of reds build desire and seek even a little bit of danger. It only takes one night out in Bangkok for the blended group of reds and purples to have a night they won’t forget


We come in peace with multitudes of neutrals and subdued hues. Destined for the bountiful land that is nourished by the rich brown soils of terrain. These phenomenal beings, illuminated by the golden yellow rays of the horizon, soar bravely through the light blue skies. Serene and compassionate beige colored sands break the crashing forces of the seafoam tides. Greet the hypnotizing glowing green caterpillar and follow it as it leads you through the land of the Earthbound future.