Welcome to your MyPFI page.

Want to know more about PFI?  Click here to download our catalog. Answer your questions about:
— Who we are and what we have to offer.
— Admissions, registration & tuition information.
— Our three certificates, class descriptions and academic calendar.
— What kinds of jobs you can get.
— Our academic policies and resources.

By being a registered student in one of our certificate programs, you can use this page to get access to:

Financial support.  Register for your classes then click Paying for PFI  if you need help paying for them.

Your kit of sewing and pattern supplies to pick up at orientation or at the PFI supply store ($500)

Equipment fee.   Sewing machines and Apple computers by reserving them from our Equipment Center in the Registrar’s Office.  Computers are MacBook Pro loaded with Adobe CS6, Excel, Word and web browser.  Plus access to industrial machines, knitting machines, dress forms and facilities while you are registered at PFI. ($500).  Click here to get yours!

Books.  Check out reference books from our Learning Resource Center in the Registrar’s office

Student id for the school year you are registered as a full-time ACP student at PFI.  Good for discounts at area stores and events that offer discounts with student ids.

Syllabi and Evaluation forms.  Click the links to to get to pages where you can download your syllabi so you’ll know the content and schedule for each of your classes — and the way you will be evaluated.

Presentations and handouts from your classes.  Click the link so you can read important information from your teachers and your classes.

Specials and announcements.  Visit our PFI Facebook page for special events and discount deals for PFI students.

Job Board.  Check our billboard at PFI for the latest announcements.

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