Fashion Forward Program ®


Become a fashion designer and launch your line with Portland Fashion Institute’s Fashion Forward Program ®.

From start to launch!  Here’s everything you need to know to start an apparel business. You pay for the courses. PFI pays for facilities, fashion event and publicity plus gives you business consulting and support and multiple exposures for you and your line.  We are your link to boutiques, buyers and the trade so you can get into the business.

Apply now.  If you are one of the 6-8 winners, you will:

– Learn the design and business skills needed to create and sustain a career in fashion design.

– Be featured in a fashion show where you can show your garments to buyers. The show and publicity are at Portland Fashion Institute’s expense.

– Learn how to produce your garments and get them into stores.

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Deadline for applications:  Thursday, November 1, 2018, 5 pm

Past Fashion Forward grads include:

— Amy Dotts, Clio Rebillon, Stephanie Mendes.  Now at Columbia Sportswear.
— Jessie Burris.  Now at Adidas.
— Melanie Bowman Clark.  Now in LA working on film & tv.
— Eva Boryer.  Studying at Savannah College of Art & Design.
— Stephanie Hutton.  Studying at Fashion Institute of Technology/NYC.
— Maia Burt.  Now at Jantzen/Perry Ellis.
— Cayenne Adler.  Now at Michael Curry Design.
— Erich Treeby.  Now at Wildwood Bespoke.
— Becca Price, Caitlin McCall, Christine VanAbkoude, Claire Doody, Fyn Karunamit, Heidi Bergin, Jessica Caldwell, Jessica VanHulle, Joan Robbins, Karen Wilfred, Vanessa Lambert.  All launched their own clothing lines.
— Eloisa Ramirez, Bryn Swain.  Now at Nike.
— Corazon Reynolds.  Now at Seamus Golf.
— Bethany Gross.  Developing a clothing line while working at EcoVibe.
— James Long.  In Amsterdam applying to AMFI.