Learn the basics of setting up an apparel business: How to protect a name, set up infrastructure, deal with the city, state and taxes, do business with other apparel businesses, get into textile and trade shows, find out about EIN, RN other acronyms, rules and regulations.  Class comes with lots of useful handouts. 

Step 1 of PFI’s 11-part Fall Apparel Entrepreneur Series

About the instructor: Vivian McInerny is a journalist and fiction writer. For almost 30 years, she was Oregon’s unofficial fashion ambassador. She steered the fashion beat for the Oregonian, scouting the vintage scene, bringing street fashion to the masses, and revealing early on that local designers really were a thing.

Sharon Blair’s apparel life began more than 30 years ago as a custom clothing business called StudioSKB. Two decades ago, she started an apparel program at PCC, then taught apparel design full time at Art Institute before founding Portland Sewing in 2010.  Portland Sewing became PFI with its Oregon career school license.  PFI now owns two buildings and has seen more than 6,000 students attend its classes.



Vivian McInerny, author & fashion editor, The Oregonian + Sharon Blair, director, Portland Fashion Institute
Saturday, September 14, 10 am-1 pm
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1 CR: $75
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Supply list:  Just bring a pen/pencil and notepad to this class. A laptop or tablet can help with in-class research.
Reviews for PFI's Saturday Business Seminars:
"This series was the best investment I could have made" -- Beth C
"I cannot begin to thank you enough for all the help, advice and encouragement you have given me." -- Bondi N