Menswear - Ties

4-in-hand, Pratt, Half-Windsor, Windsor: No matter how you knot them, you'll create beautiful ties with our tailoring expert Britta

Learn the basics of making ties from scratch. In this class we will explore the proper way of making a necktie from a pattern to finished product.  We will learn types of interfacing, and different construction methods for making a tie.  You’ll end up with a standard neckties, a bowtie and a pocket square.


Instructor: Britta Hellquist, Tomato & Berry Tailoring
Dates/Times: 4 sessions: Monday-Thursday, July 10-13, 6-9 pm
Cost/Cost Options: $129
Syllabus: *Syllabus File
*(not all classes have a syllabus).
Additional Notes/Costs:

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