Kids & Teens Sewing

Kids & Teens Sewing

Learn to sew and make wonderful things for kids age 8-13. Make drawstring backpacks, pj pants and robes in Kids Sewing classes.

Kids & Teens Sewing (ages 8-13), 
You will learn to sew! Become friends with a machine, learn basic stitches fearlessly and have fun!

Level 1: Pillowcase, drawstring bag and digital music player case.

Get to know your sewing machine. Learn all the parts, how to thread it and make a bobbin. Sew straight lines and corners while making the perfect iPod purse. We’ll make pillowcases for sleepovers or for a gift. Then we’ll make a drawstring tote bag, perfect for carrying books or carrying clothes for a sleepover. No sewing experience is required. Includes handouts.

Have you completed Level 1? Then try:

Level 2- Secret Pocket Pillow and PJ pants.

Make fun seams, easy hems and waistbands. Learn about elastic and more complicated layouts. Learn how to control fabric and the proper way to sew a pair of pants. Save your leftover fabric to make a cool secret pocket pillow. Take your outfit to spirit day or wear it around the house or to sleepovers! Prerequisite: Kids & Teens Level 1

Level 3-Comfy robe.

Make a comfy robe of cotton or flannel with band, pockets and sash. Match your pockets and make them even. Learn the proper way to cut fabric and sew sleeves. Improve on your skills. Prerequisite: Kids & Teens Level 2


Level 1 supply list

Level 2 supply list pj. Level 2 supply list pillow.

Level 3 supply list

Finished with these projects and ready to move on to a more advanced class?  Click here.

Instructor: Anne Swanson, PFI
Dates/Times: Saturdays, 10 am-noon: JUNE SESSION: June 3-24
Cost/Cost Options: $78/person
Syllabus: *Syllabus File
*(not all classes have a syllabus).
Additional Notes/Costs:

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