AD115-Fashion Illustration 1: Students learn the proportions and techniques for sketching the nine-head figure. Supply list

AD116-Fashion Illustration 2: Learn to use the latest tools of the fashion illustration trade. Use markers and pens. Add skin tones and shading giving the fashion figure definition and light. Add fabric textures and learn direction and drape. Create designs on the figure and learn layout, background and composition. Create a display board. Prerequisite:  FI 1.  Supply list

AD117-Fashion Illustration 3:Strengthen your creative vision and complete a portfolio-worthy sketchbook. Improve research skills. Display your inspiration properly. Show how you go through the creative process and design a story from your initial inspiration.  Prerequisite: FI 2. 

AD118-Fashion Illustration 4: Men’s: Get the proportions for a man’s fashion figure. Create a croquis, clothes. Prerequisite: FI 2.

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Daniela Caine, designer, manager, creative director for Adidas, Nike, Columbia Sportswear, Pendleton
Mondays, 10 am-3 pm
Fashion Illustration 1 - May 4-18
Fashion Illustration 2 - June 1-15
Fashion Illustration 3 - June 29-July 20
Cost/Cost Options:
36 clock hours @ $22/clock hour
Supply List:
Additional Notes/Costs:

Bring all fashion sketching and illustration supplies to class.
You can buy your items next door at PFI Supply store with your 20% current student discount.