Draping 1: Students drape fabric directly on a dress form as a three-dimensional means of pattern development for women’s apparel. Students learn about preparation, blocking and grainline while creating skirts and dresses. Then learn to drape asymmetrical designs, bias and cowl necklines and knit fabric.  For the final project, students create their own designs. Pre-req: Patternmaking Intro

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Britta Hellquist, Tomato & Berry Tailoring
Mondays, Sept 13-Nov 29, 10 am-1 pm OR 6-9 pm
Cost/Cost Options:
36 clock hours @ $22/clock
Supply List:
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Buy your draping supplies at pfisewing.com with your 20% student discount. Order kits or individual items then have them waiting for you first day of class or pick them up at PFI Supply store at 4225 NE Tillamook next to PFI school.

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