Costume Design & Construction

Costume Design & Construction

Envision, design and create costumes worthy of stage, screen and theater with Portland Opera's Debra Bruneaux.

Costume Design.  Create costumes for fun, film and theater — the way it’s done in the entertainment industry.  Analyze scripts.  Formulate design concepts. Develop costume renderings.  Students will have an opportunity to go behind the scenes and view a dress rehearsal of a Portland Opera performance. Prerequisites: Beginning Sewing, Patternmaking, Fashion Illustration.

Costume Construction.   Transition your two-dimensional designs into functional stage costumes.  Adapt apparel  construction skills to that of the theatrical design world.  Students will have an opportunity to  give presentations before a panel of theatrical costuming professionals.  Prerequisite: Costume Design.

Instructor: Debra Bruneaux, Portland Opera
Dates/Times: Fridays, April 14-June 30, 6-9 pm.
Cost/Cost Options: Costume Design: $239.00 Costume Construction: $239.00 Series: $429.00
Syllabus: *Syllabus File
*(not all classes have a syllabus).
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