Learn to design in Adobe Illustrator, a key to your future in apparel, whether as a fashion designer or technical designer.  This program is an absolute must for most fashion companies.  Most require that you are competent in this program when applying for a job. You will rely on this app to help you create your garment sketches, line sheets, tech packs and so much more.  You will use this program every day to share your ideas with others in your company, those who produce your products and companies overseas.

Prereq: AD115-117 Fashion Illustration, AD261A Adobe Prep

Non-certificate students click here for non-credit class.
In order to take this class, you must first take the Adobe Prep AD261A class here or pass the test on the AD261A page.
Stephanie Thiel, Rad Patterns & adidas
Adobe Prep: Thursday & Friday, Sept 9 & 10, 6-9 pm
Adobe: Wednesdays, Sept 15-Dec 1, 6-9 pm
Cost/Cost Options:
36 clock hours @ $22/clock hour
Supply List:
Additional Notes/Costs:

You will need:
• Experience with computers.
• A mouse.  Your trackpad alone will not do.
• Sketchbook for note taking & drawing.
• USB device ( 2 GB recommended )
• Apple/PC laptop loaded with Adobe CC, You can:
• Download the free 30-day trial version from the Adobe.com website
• Buy a student subscription for the Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign package.
• Buy a student subscription individual Illustration program for slightly less for the full package.
Become familiar with PFI’s online Intranet, Populi. You will receive a Populi username and password. By two weeks before class starts, your instructor will load your class syllabus and your first class assignment. By one week before your class starts, you are sent a reminder of log-in instructions and directed to go online to test your system then read the syllabus and first assignment and to download your class files. At this time, make sure you have downloaded and opened your Adobe Illustrator just to make sure your subscription program is completely set up and ready to work on your first day of class.