Did you watch any of the New York Fashion Week last week?  No?  Then you missed some wonderful — as well as wacky shows.  Some of them brought us to new epiphanies of what can be done with texture, style, the human body and ethical choices.  Others, well, let’s just say that we won’t be able to un-see some of those images for a long time .

What’s more important in our opinion are the color trends for Spring and Summer 2019. You might as well get on board with the trends.  No one wants to make clothes that no one wants to buy; that’s the ultimate in anti-eco.  And people will buy according to their mood and emotion.  Trending colors match those moods.  Want to know more about how to tap into a customers’ mood?  Take our Color Theory class with Kimmy Simon, Nike’s global color manager.  (Click here.  Starts May 21, 6 pm)

Meanwhile, let’s look at two color trend moods for women’s apparel and accessories Spring Summer 2019 season courtesy of Design Options Inc.  Choose the one that best matches your customer’s needs.

1) TEA PARTY.  Remember: pinkies up, ladies! It looks more like a dream from a distance but as you pass through freshly painted white French doors you’ll discover the carefully decorated room of pastel delight. From the tiffany blue napkins, perfectly placed on each glistening plate, to the blush pink macaroons sitting of the side of pearly white cups, every detail is made to be esthetically pleasing. Beautiful peach and gold dresses drape on the side of elegant silvery blue chairs while ladies in the clink the Fine China with pinkies in the air.

2) PRIMARY INSTINCTS.  The hard-wired behaviors of colors. Honest and true cobalt is firm and direct while celeste quickly reacts with reassuring nods. To the left of Celeste sat calm and collected Eggshell whom struggles to contain chatty lime-green. Overwhelmed with emotion, apple red and hot pink flush with excitement. Unable to contain themselves, apricot and tangerine orange burst reveling the surprise of the night. Proving, once again, not matter how hard you try your initial reaction falls close to primary instincts.