PFI’s latest group of Fashion Forward graduates showed their trendy and wearable garments at the August 2017 Fade to Light fashion show. L-R: Wilfred Apparel, Suburban Buddha, Valtensdottir, Alton Oak, Woodville

If you didn’t attend Elizabeth Mollo’s Fade to Light fashion show in August, you may have missed this wonderful trend. Spring 2018 is shaping up to be bold and colorful.

Yes, we live in Portland, the home of black, white and grey. But take a tip from local trendsetters Sarah Donofrio and Veil & Valor, plus our own crop of Fashion Forward graduates. Bright and cheerful with a mashup of style and design are in. To quote Florence and the Machine, “The dark days are over!”

Or as Robin Givhans of Washington Post said in a review of New York Fashion week, “The spring 2018 collections are a delightful postmodern pastiche filled with sparkles, oversized shapes, dramatic prints and colors, tailored denim and sensual wraps.

Want more? Read Givhans full article here: Or visit the Fashion Forward finale videos from Fade to Light on our Instagram page @portland_sewing.