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Portland Fashion Institute

As a licensed career school, Portland Fashion Institute offers 3 apparel certificates:
— Apparel Designer: If you want to start a clothing line.
— Apparel Technical Developer: If you want the skills to get a job.
— Apparel Entrepreneur: If you want to start your own business.

We created these programs after consulting with our advisory board of directors from leading apparel companies.

By joining the certificate program, you get:
— Access to financial support, equipment and supplies
— First call on classes
— A place in PFI’s annual fashion event and portfolio show
— Networking with industry professionals
— Career services

Completing these certificates gives you the right skills to enter an apparel business and opens the door to jobs at apparel companies.

Classes are given in the order they should be taken so you can meet the required pre-requisites. With concentrated effort, it’s possible to complete a certificate within two years’ study.  The full curriculum begins each Fall but you can start any time.  You can sign up for one certificate.  Or, if you wish, start with one and move on to another.  Most students start with the Apparel Designer certificate.

Interested?  Download an application here.  Click here to pay the $50 application fee.  Then contact [email protected], (503) 927-5457, with your questions and to set an appointment.

Apparel Designer:  Here are the classes you need to start a life as a fashion designer.  They also will prepare you to compete for a spot in our Fashion Forward Program ®. APPAREL DESIGNERApparel Technical Developer.  Want to get a job in the industry or work freelance?  Here’s the path to take.  It focuses on computer skills in Adobe and patternmaking so you can get work as a technical designer, product developer, patternmaker or fit engineer.APPAREL TECHNICAL DEVELOPERApparel Entrepreneur.  Here are the classes you need to start and stay with your own apparel business.  You will complete a business plan and be ready to get financing upon the completion of this certificate.  Those taking Business Classes are eligible for a grant to launch their business — a boost of $8,000.  Click here for more information.APPAREL ENTREPRENEUR


Tuition runs $97/credit hour plus activity and equipment fees.  Ask us about payment plans for full time students (3 classes or more).  Part time students can pay-as-you-go for as few as one class.

“Thank you for taking the time to help me sort through my career in fashion. I have submitted my application to the apparel design program at Portland Fashion Institute.  I can honestly say I have learned more from the hour talking to you about portfolio development than my three years at Oregon State.” — Jessica

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