Paris Blog

Sharon Blair studied couture sewing in Paris at the Paris American Academy. Sharon also has a bachelors and a masters and advanced studies in apparel.

07Aug 2010

Designers may come up with fancy flourishes but retailers are playing it safe this Fall.  A walk through Paris’ four major shopping areas — Faubourg, Avenue Montaigne, Bon Marche and Printemps/Galeries Lafayette — shows some basic facts: Flourishes and flounces are dead.  Let’s keep it simple and classic.  Pleats, of a Catholic schoolgirl kind, are […]

04Aug 2010

No doubt about it.  French women have style.  Something about them makes them stand out. Could be the cigarette. There is somewhat of a standard uniform.  A silk knit topped with a thin cardigan.  Or a belted chiffon smock and light leather jacket.  Then nice slacks, high-heeled sandals, a large purse, an I-phone — and […]

03Aug 2010

Today’s visit to the Yves St. Laurent show brought me pain in two ways: #1 — That I could never be as good a designer as he.  Face it.  He invented everything:  Sportswear (Ensembles don’t have to match).  Leather jackets for women (inspired by Marlon Brando and beatniks).  Pants suits (Yes, Dietrich and Hepburn wore […]